Online/Offline Certificate course in Photography

The Online/offline photography course is designed by experienced educators in the Professional Photography industry for beginners with easy understanding which will enhance the technical and aesthetics skills turning you into a Professional Photographer.

During the course you will shoot various creative assignments to improve your skills and submit them online to be reviewed and evaluated by the Educator.

By the End of the course you’ll have the confidence and skills to turn your love of photography into a career.

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Certificate Course Details

Eligibility Requirement: 10th or equivalent

Duration: 2 months

Limited Students per session

Live practicals

Creative assignments

Certification based on Test & Portfolio assessment

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Types of Cameras & Lenses
  • The Gear
  • Photography Basics
  • Camera controls & Menu
  • Understanding Light
  • Composition
  • Creative thinking
  • Working with Lightroom

Course requirement


Any digital camera that allows you to control the manual settings is perfect for this course. Even the most basic compact cameras offer that functionality these days. Look at your camera manual – can you change the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings? If so, your camera is fine for the course.


Any PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone is suitable to attend the class. A reasonable broadband internet connection (2 mbps and above).


See what i'm saying.
Is this the right course for me as a career ?
Choosing Art (Photography) to earn isn’t a good idea, you must focus on your creative side which will decide your remuneration, one must asses his/her own creative and aesthetical skills and find if you have the X-factor to live up to markets requirement and the client’s creative expectations. Then only you should opt into any Fine-art field.
For whom is this course for ?
The course is for budding enthusiast to kick start their passion for photography. Someone who dreamt of a creative career and want to create a style of his own
What are my opportunists after the course ?
After the completion of the course you can work as an assistant (intern) with a professional photographer. And have the opportunity to work in various genres of photography as a Freelancer like Wedding, Fashion, Advertising, Photojournalist, Editorial, Commercial & Industrial photography.
Do you provide placement ?
We do not provide placement rather we train and nurture you as a successful and creative artist who can produce creative portfolios with confidence that attracts the potential Job work.
Is the short duration of time enough to learn and be an expert ?
Learning Photography is a continues process and through out your life you’ll learn so much when you are on the field, so its not the duration of learning but the duration of practice and efforts you put matters.
Is this a recorded session ?
No! This is a live online session and its interactive.
Why do I need Certification ?
A Certification builds trust and confidence among the client and helps to show potential clients the value in hiring a true professional.
About Scholarship program ?
Artdeza is inspired to support the merit and under privileged students through Artdeza scholarship program.
Is the course fee refundable ?
Yes! The Student can request for a refund during or by the end of the first week of course, if the student isn’t satisfied with the course. The full fee amount will be refunded within weekdays of time.

Interested to Join

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